Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sexy Nostalgia 5

I know I wrote the first sexy nostalgia blogs over a year ago, but I got inspired by seeing this costume.
Is she Raphael? Or one of the original red masked turtles? I’ve seen a different home made version with tank tops and booty shorts. Why not make a Venus costume? The female turtle that everybody “forgets” about or wants to forget. What about a sexy April costume? 80s version. With a tight yellow jumpsuit, plunging neckline and white thigh high boots?

Here is an untapped sexy cartoon character costume idea. Cleo from the Catillac Cats cartoon. Or Brittany the Chipette? From the 1980s cartoon not the new movie.

This “Gem” costume isn’t too bad. I’d hate to think what a sexy version of Kimber would look like. This very cute accessory was also available. Too bad they don’t flash.

Bleh! Look at these Strawberry Shortcake like costumes. UGLY! Just because the dress is pink and has a strawberry slapped on it doesn’t make it a Strawberry Shortcake costume sexy or not. The red costume has no resemblance to Strawberry Shortcake at all not even a vague one. It just looks like a strawberry motif dress. I’d like to see somebody tackle a sexy version of the Berrykins dress or the 90s version.

The Rainbow Cutie costume is pretty cute and semi modest. I’d wear it if it was available in my size. A little off, but not bad.

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