Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sexy Disney

Look at these sexy Disney and Disney inspired costumes. I don’t remember  

Pinocchio or  

Peter Pan being so sexy.  

This sexy Daisy costume looks nothing like her. What’s next sexy Webby, Mrs. Beakley, Magica?
I know there are sexy knockoff Minnie Mouse costumes. They have names like
Mini Mouse or Pinup Mouse. This geisha mouse costume is too ambiguous and arbitrary for me.  
I really don’t get this sexy knockoff Nemo costume. It doesn’t even look like a fish. Who knew Nemo could be sexy?

Disney has some untapped sexy mouse costume ideas. What about Bianca from the Rescuers? All she wears is a purple fur hat and a purple fur wrap. Real sexy! Don’t wear a bottom. Or maybe some white hot pants or something. Gadget from the Rescue Rangers could be sexy too. Even though the Rangerphiles (fans of the show) don’t like to see erotic pictures of Gadget. It was a children's cartoon after all. I guess the costume could be made sexier by having somebody wear a tight purple jumpsuit. You could always be Gadget’s spy alter ego. You could always be Gadget’s Hawiian look-a-like Lawhinie. (that is the correct spelling of her name.)

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