Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feelin' Giddy

I thought I should incorporate something Halloween related into this blog. Since Halloween is in 3 days. I'll spend the next few days blogging about Halloween. Good costumes, bad costumes, ambiguous costumes, arbitrary costumes, stupid costumes, WTF costumes, and sexy/slutty costumes.

I was going to write about this yesterday, but I already wrote that blog about the Disney costumes. I want this entry to come full circle, oops wrong band! :0

Shirley confirmed Garbage is recording a new album. That would not be the best news of the year that would be me getting a job. (Sorry to sound self centered here. Bad me!) I'll get giddy and swoon over it though. I'm gonna try and look harder for volunteer work.

I'm not dressing as Shirley this year. My costume last year wasn't that good; I put it together at the last minute, but my hair looked awesome. That was the best part of my costume. Last year I really wanted to dress as the twitter bird, but I got sick and couldn't construct the costume. I'm not dressing as the twitter bird this year either. As of writing this entry I feel healthy.

I think I'll polish my nails tomorrow. Most likely black; although the color of nail polish I wear has no influence on my costume. Here are some more clues about my Halloween costume this year. I'm not dressing as a celebrity or some kind of pun.

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