Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back in Brown

Shopping with my dad wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. On a pain scale I would say bike crashing into a tree, but I can walk away from it semi-limping. I wanted it to be more like a bandage getting ripped off my skin.

Why do all the headphones have to have something on them? Where are the plain ones? Why do they have to say "Rawwwr" or have a flag on the side? It's so hard for me to find something. Most of the stores stock is earbuds anyway.

There was nothing partially interesting at the mall. Hot Topic still doesn't sell the kind of junky jewelry I want. It was funny to see a Rihanna shirt for sale in there near a Glee CD. IDK those items seem a little out of place there.

The holiday Glee episode was good. It was totally in character for Rachel to wear tacky winter sweaters. The Cheerios socks were cute. I saw Santa today too; his workshop was near the Hickory Farms kiosk. I wasn't there for Santa I was looking for cheese. I thought they were going to sing more songs from Christmas specials. The misfit toys one fit well. When I was a kid I thought I needed to live on that island, and it made me think about mistreating my toys. I was singing along with them. *whispers* sometimes I like to sing along with the show softly if I know the song. But where was the roast beast? If Mr. Shue was a character from Rudolph he would be Hermy because they are noted for their hair.

It reminded me of my dead friend when I gave her a Christmas card that I drew a picture of Sailor Moon on for her. I think that year we also had to write about what we wanted for Christmas in French class. I wanted a Sakura doll. Sakura from Cardcaptors.

I'm back to being a brunette. *yawn!* I thought the dye I got was in my color family, but I don't think it is. Oh well it has gold undertones which work with my hair.

I was thinking about the banned word list. I know it won't come out until the end of the month, but I'm wondering which words I CAN'T use next year and make a note not to. My mom thinks I'm silly because I follow the list. I don't even have any predictions on which words I think will be on there.

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