Monday, December 27, 2010

Tweet Your Heart Out

There is a problem with my phone when I try and type a web address it puts spaces between the letters and can't get to the site. I have to pay more now. The plan I had is not available with this phone. At least I get unlimited web, so I can "tweet my heart out". IDK I thought that was a funny phrase.

The football game getting postponed messed up my tv watching and internet schedule. I'm surprised that NBC decided to carry the game on Tuesday and not give it to ESPN. I heard NBC is getting good ratings with football.

I might get a free day soon. ^0^ I'm making plans in case I do. I think I'll reenact scenes from music videos in my room. I think I'll reenact "Sex is not the Enemy" or maybe "Underneath it All".

I'm sad about the passing of Teena Marie. I'm not trying to make myself into a Teena Marie fan. I only know 2 of her songs; "Lovergirl" and "Behind the Groove". I really like "Lovergirl". I think I mentioned it in a blog once. Maybe it was one of my old myspace blogs? I'll need to look.

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