Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year; New Channel & a dog Wearing Pants

I sort of made a resolution. The thing I want to resolve just happened to happen around this time. Pure coincidence.

Too bad UTB 18.2 isn’t showing asadora dramas anymore. I couldn’t really get into Hitomi. I really wanted to watch Tsubasa and Welkame.

I was looking for some maneki neko cell phone charms online. They seem overpriced. Maybe I’ll go look at the mall. I don’t want to sound racist here, but at a store that sells Asian things.

Here is a funny picture I took of my pikachu with a frame that came in the phone. Pikachu, let's beer!

I’m planning a Halloween costume even though the year is young. I was thinking Superdome, but how would I build that? When it is Halloween 2011 it will already be next year’s football season. Which might be locked out.

I’m really only worried about ending up on a bad costume website. That would be so horrible.

I don’t know why, but this dog costume is bothering me. Why is it wearing pants?

Remember when everybody was excited for 1-1-01?

The parade was bothering me because the commentators kept mispronouncing the word "nori"

Busytown Mysteries is on 3 OTA stations now in LA, KCBS (part of the Saturday Morning Cookie Jar Block), This-TV(part of their This is for Kids e/i block), and on KCET.

Wubblous World isn't so bad even if I was half asleep watching it. Anne of Green Gables is the old series KCET use to show when they were a PBS station from about 10-8 years ago. I wish they would show Jakers the Adventures of Piggley Winks, or some kidmango shows, Bookmice, or Return to the Magic Library.

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