Friday, January 28, 2011

Keep the Group Intact Now

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. I can't really remember it since I was 2 years and 18 days old. A lot of people get mad because I don't. Which is funny since this anniversary made me think of an assignment from my old memoir class where we had to write about a world event that happened at least 10 years ago and where we were. Back then it was only 9 years since September 11th and I couldn't think of anything. I ended up writing about the Gulf War. I mentioned it in a blog. (I was thinking about this before I checked my inbox and read the email)

I got the email. I knew it would happen! It was just "when" than "if". All it says is that class registration has started, and the class is filling up. She would like to see us there. I still hope some people dropped the fantasy of keeping that particular group intact. After I thought about it somebody moved to Las Vegas. They can start a new cult providing the popular guy comes back. I'm still up for that offer if somebody wants to pay to get me back in the group they are welcome to.

I'd really like to go back to school for the spring semester, but I don't want to dawdle in memoir, creative writing, or journal. I just took memoir to get a class. If I do go back in the spring I need to take core classes; the few I need. Like that could happen. I'd probably get some bad class because all the good ones are taken.

Why is the semester starting so late? I hate getting out in June. I feel like I'm still in primary school.

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