Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ready to go not to go to School in Thinner Shorts

The recent hot spell is making me feel lethargic. I’ll have to pull out my slightly thinner shorts. (A little Conan O‘Brien humor) :P

I went to the dollar store and picked up a few accessories. They might possibly be used for a costume. I picked up 2 pairs of gloves. A long black pair. They were made irregular. The thumb part is as long as the fingers. Well they were a dollar. I think my mom and I can alter the thumb part. I got a pair of “witch” gloves. They are just black gloves with long glittery fingernails glued onto them. I think I’ll add a clear coat of nail polish to keep the glitter from falling off the nails. I picked up a devil dress up set. It’s just a headband with horns and a tail. I’ll have to get my own pitch fork. I bought some creepy cloth. It is usually not suppose to be used for costumes and is for decorative proposes only. I think I can use it to make a creepy shawl or something.

I got an email from one of my former classmates. I didn’t notice it. I haven’t checked that account in 2 days. I accidentally found the message when I was looking for another email. Never mind it was for something that already happened. It’s like that time I tried to join the anime club and missed the email. It included some pretty dorky (unrelated) things. How do they expect to get the whole group together again? Isn’t it like Humpty Dumpty? I for one can say I’m not coming back. Well not by choice, but like I said before unless I fall ass backwards into some money really really soon I won’t go. They can have withdrawals before the class happens. Should I quote Glee and “Run Baby Run” again? I’ll ponder that while eating fries (or should I have international desserts instead?) and listening to the song. I got a proposal for somebody who really wants the group intact they can pay all my fees and stuff to bring me back to class.

I really liked this note Shirley recently posted on facebook. I'll also mention her new song "Lighten Up". It's a rawer song than the ones she previously posted. I like the simplicity of it. I like it more than "Pretty Horses" but less than "In the Snow".

You know what songs I’ve been listening to lately? “Ready to Go” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous” by Republica. “Ready to Go” is a great video. A lot of people confuse Republica with Garbage. Even when I was younger I could tell Saffron’s voice from Shirley’s.

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