Monday, September 27, 2010

Blame Me in the East

It's been so hot for the past few days. Record breaking hot. I expect this scorcher to come to the east soon. I'd give it a few days. My parents tell me that it won't be going that far. What do they know? None of us have a degree in meteorology. It was so hot it broke a temperature record set in 1990.

I wasn't even in the mood to go Halloween shopping. I still did anyway. I still couldn't find anything that I liked. I'm leaning towards something scary.

This spaghetti costume is ugly. Why is it labeled "spaghetti"? The only Halloween costumes that should be labeled is when somebody dresses up as some kind of packaging or they are wearing one of those old style smock costumes. I guess I don't have any taste since Simon Doonan designed them. The dog version of this costume is really cute though.

I like these spaghetti costumes better.

Heathcliff has a plastered on Cookie Jar logo. Which made me miss the Dic one a little. I got some bad info about Magi-nation being season 2 episodes, but they are just the season 1 episodes for now. When I watched She-ra on the new Qubo Night Owl block. As I'm watching these old cartoons I just pretended I'm watching old commercials.

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