Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reminiscing about Holly

This will be the last time I complain about Roberto's announcing. Unless he gets the job as announcer. He is just auditioning. I just want to say one thing about the role of the announcer on The Price is Right. That person has a pretty important role on the show. They describe the prizes and narrate the showcases. But if the show changes way too much I'll say it won't make it past season 42. It's on 39 right now. They have already gotten rid of the pantomimed showcases (which I personally liked), got rid of animals up for adoption (I heard that was discontinued due to Drew using a cordless mic and that the frequency would bother the animals), Adding random celebrities in the show, and too many theme shows. I do enjoy the Halloween ones. I'm not sure who the show is trying to cater to. College students?

When I first got the internet I found this website that had all these old tv theme songs (audio files) and it also had (the old) The Price is Right queue music. I would play it and announce fake prizes over the music. If I was a real announcer I would be a horrible one. I tend to mumble things. Here's what I would sound like "Bikes (mumbling)...Huffy." I use to think that voice over work and voice acting are the same thing. Speaking of queue music did The Price is Right start using old Finders Keepers queue music?

I have mentioned Holly occasionally in my blog. I remember some of the games she would help with like turning the turntables for Plinko and punching the numbers on the giant calculator for Check Out before it became automated. I'll rephrase that the game became automated sometime after she left the show.

I didn't realize the median age of people who watch the show is 63. So that means me and an 89 year old are evening it out.

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