Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miscellaneous blog #37

Watched Fashion's night out yesterday night. Too bad Gwen wasn't in it much. Good thing Letterman was on vacation or he probably would have bitched about that.

UTB is showing a new drama and replacing the 10PM anime :( They are showing Keitaideka Zenigata Ai. If they show 6 of the different series that will be 183 episodes. There is a 7th series that has 13 episodes. Plus those episodes will make 196. I'm not sure if there is an 8th series or more. There is not much on this series. When I first read the title I thought it had something to do with the Lupin character.

Congrats to Tony Kanal! He and Erin are having a baby. He is the last member of the band to have a kid (core 4 members). I wonder if he will have a boy? Everybody else in the band has a boy.

I'm still really suspicious about my dad being enthusiastic about the comic book festival this weekend. Maybe he is going to try and sell his sports cards or something.

Saw the new season of Survivor. Tip #1 don't talk over Jeff. It's better to keep to yourself than to blather on at tribal council. "Fabio" was hilarious. He sort of remind me of Toast from Histeria or maybe that Eek the cat cartoon that Fabio guest starred in. I was just waiting for Jimmy Johnson to sell me some man pills or something. I was raised not to like the Cowboys. Especially since a lot of football fans in LA became Cowboys fans after the Rams and Raiders left. His name is common. Some people were confusing him with the race car driver. It would have been like my James Brown dilemma which coincidentally involved a football commentator. Too bad some of the older and younger people from my last class could have been on the show. I'm sure the popular guy would have entranced a few without him knowing it.

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