Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Relevant Halloween

I'm not saying Halloween is irrelevant. I like the holiday. I've been having trouble coming up with a Halloween costume. I thought I should be something relevant. Something that screams 2010! I couldn't really come up with anything that I was willing to dress as.

I do not want to dress as the following:
One of Tiger's mistresses
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
One of the Kardashians
An Avatar character

The one idea that came to me was the oil spill! So relevant! Apparently it isn't all that creative. There is a BP "inspired" costume. I want to dress as the spill itself. I'm still trying to figure out how to make some oil for my face. I kinda feel bad since it's not very original I feel like George in "The Seven."

I'm also thinking about being a "double rainbow". Not the guy, but the 2 rainbows.

You only get one chance to be something relevant to the year. Otherwise your costume becomes "dated" and makes no sense. I don't think people would go around dressing as Monica Lewinsky this year. So 1998! You can be a pirate or slutty Strawberry Shortcake anytime.

It made me think about last year when a bunch of people dressed as "balloon boy", Octo-mom and Swine Flu.

What is a good futuristic costume? I mean like a character from an upcoming movie?

I like to add two things together like a zombie newscaster. But a lot of times they just sound arbitrary. I'm still kickin' around the idea of the twitter bird. I was going to dress as it last year, but I was too sick to make the costume. I hope nobody want to show me their "tar balls". :/

Here are some other non-2010 relevant costume ideas I have:
A nun
My Little Pony (G1 80s-early 90s)
A pink fairy
Easter Bunny
A playing card
A youtube video
A galaxy
A photo

PS thanks for all the hits for people looking for slutty costumes from the blogs I posted last year.

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