Friday, September 3, 2010

The Lamest of Lame

Why is my dad suddenly taking an interest in what I like? He wants me to go with him to a comic book festival later in the month. I'm perplexed and I sense something fishy. He hates comic books they are "nerdy" to him.

I have some gripes with the KROQ Labor Day-to-Z countdown this year. "Q" was missing. Why not play "Queer"? That is the lamest of lame not to play that song.

I'm happy to say this year I'm not throwing a lame yard sale. They were just so disastrous.

I'm thinking about watching the new John Cena movie. But I only will if it is at a theater near me and if it is at one I can use my gift card at. Otherwise I won't see it.

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