Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Angel's Friends VAs

I finally screencaped and analyzed the credits. I don't know that you can see it very well. It looks like Raf is voiced by Lisa Adams. According to the IMDB she voiced May in Pokémon. Angel's Friends is not listed. Although the character sounds more like Bloom who is voiced by Liza Jacqueline. I can't really make out the name of URIE's VA. I can't make out the next character's name, but she is voiced by Lisa Ortiz. Like I mentioned before her voice is very distinctive. It looks like Sweet is also voiced by Lisa Adams. I can't make out the next name. Gas is voiced by Dan Green. I thought I heard his voice in that show. I can't make out the name after that. The professor is voiced by Mike Pollock.

It was really hard to make out the names because the channel is a subchannel and the compression rate is 2Mbps. According to RabbitEars.Info. Also the DVD I recorded it on was on LP mode.

Here are some screencaps for you to enjoy. These are from the opening credits/theme song.

Here are 2 other caps and a picture I found. Here is a link to some character profiles.


  1. Your hunch was right. Lisa Adams did not play Raf. It was Liza Caplan, aka Liza Jacqueline. Lisa Ortiz plays Miki. Serra Hirsch plays Uri. Lisa Ortiz also plays Calbiria. Dan Green did another voice but I can't make out the name. That's all I know.

  2. Thanks for your help Carly Cane. ^-^

  3. Liza Jacqueline has been in a lot of things that she hasn't been credited in...I recently discovered that she may have been in a late 80's Corn Pops commercial, of all things.
    Thanks for the VA info! I haven't seen an entire episode of the English dub, either, since there's, like, one video of it on Youtube and it's just the first half of an episode.
    Honestly, though, that one dude who's credited as Dan Green sounds more like Mike Pollock to me. :/

  4. Thanks for Commenting JKLC. I also read what you wrote about the show on deviant art. I don't think 4kids dubbed it they just used a lot of the same voice actors.

    Sorry I'm late to comment back. Blogger was having some issues.