Monday, September 13, 2010

knockoff dresses

After seeing pictures of Lady Gaga's meat dress. (I can't believe I'm writing about her.) She was trying to make a statement or something, but did she get the idea from watching Wordgirl or something?
I got an idea for the Gaga fans. Do they have a special name? Somebody should make a meat print dress that way people could copy her look without having to wear real meat. Like those bacon wallets.
I got the idea from a dress I saw at Junior prom. I saw a girl with a knockoff Jennifer Lopez dress. It wasn't exactly like hers it was green camouflage print and there was a nude colored tube bra sewn in.
A meat dress would be a good thing to wear for a Lady Gaga Halloween costume. It's hip and relevant.

I think she should copy cartoon characters for fashion ideas. Recommend Porky Pig and anime characters in general. Or maybe a dough or bread dress.

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