Sunday, September 19, 2010

Comics and Pirates

I thought it was going to be worse today. With my sneaking suspicions about my dad wanting to go to the local comic book fair. I thought he was going to take his sports cards and try to sell them there or something. It really wasn't that bad. He decided to take the junky Buick. It was hard to park in the small parking lot. Somebody there had a Bumblebee Camaro.

The event was pretty small. It was all local artists. I didn't even take any pictures. Some girl was trying to sell me an app. It wasn't like I was going to buy it anyway it was only for ipod touch, iphones and ipads. Which I don't even have. It was really loud in there with a DJ, other people talking and somebody giving a presentation slide show.

I totally forgot about pirate day even through I wrote about it on twitter. There were some people there wearing pirate hats. At first I thought they were just looking silly. There was some cool stuff for sale, but I didn't buy anything. Nothing really caught me. I did take some fliers and stuff. A lot of the artists there have deviantart accounts. We didn't stay too long either.

The best part of all was that my dad didn't act stupid or make a scene.

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