Thursday, September 30, 2010

If I was a Rich Girl, I'd Match my Clothes, If I was a Weathly Girl

I'm still felling really lethargic.

While I was watching The Office this one quote from Dwight made me laugh so much. "Wait less matching to appear more rich?" That totally sounds like something my dad would say. After I heard that on the show I couldn't stop laughing. Perhaps the person who wrote that knows my dad. When I was a kid he would always tell me that matching monochromatic clothes gave off the appearance that you are rich. When he use to work in an office he use to coordinate his underwear with his socks (true story!) LOL XD He use to get me to dress like that when I was a kid. I liked the monochromatic look when I was like 4. It reminded me of contestants on Double Dare. The monochromatic look really works if you are a Loli, a Color Kid from Rainbow Brite, or doing some kind of photo spread for a magazine.

I thought it was funny when Erin didn't understand the concept of disposable cameras. How old is she suppose to be? Erin is a bit off. At least she didn't think there was some kind of outside packaging on the camera.

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