Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Costume Ideas

I still haven't come up with a costume yet. I really wanted to make a McRib costume, but I'm not exactly sure how to make one. I'd need at least 1-2 years to work on that. I was also thinking about dressing as beef jerky, but I wasn't sure how to make the costume the right texture and what materials to use to construct it. I was thinking either expandable spray foam, a brown vinyl tablecloth or a mattress pad. I want to dress as a piece of jerky it's self and not a bag. A bag costume would be easy. All you would need to do would make some kind of beef jerky label. Sometimes food costumes can fun, interesting and creative.

My mom keeps suggesting really lame costume ideas. Some of them aren't even costumes. She keeps telling me about wearing headbands. Like those one that are decorated with Halloween stuff. They have like a felt witch hat or a felt pumpkin glued to them. Another suggestion was to glue black tulle to a headband I don't even know what that would be. Is that some kind of costume or something?

I picked up these cute hair clips. The scan came out blurry. The cat on it reminds me of the cat from Emily the Strange. Is she still popular anymore?

I watched the season 2 premiere of Glee. It made me think about dressing as a character from the series for Halloween. I can't dress as Rachel because I don't have any clothes that make me look home-schooled. I wanted to dress as Sue, but I don't have any tracksuits. Plus I'd have to get a short blond wig. After watching the show I wanted a New York City shirt like they wore when they sang "Empire State of Mind". I'd get a shirt like theirs and sing the song. Only Gleeks would know what I'm dressed as. I'm not going to fully recap the episode, but I thought the funniest part was when Rachel and Sunshine were singing "Telephone" in the bathroom, and Sue tells them to "Shut Up!". I laughed so hard during that part. Sunshine had a really cute Hello Kitty backpack.

Here are some other costume ideas I came up with. They might be lame. A 90s costume and a devil. It would be cool to dress as a character from a music video, but an older one. Like the light bulb head man from the "Push It" video. But nobody would really get it unless you are a Garbage fan. What if I come up with a costume that is from a music video, but still looks identifiable. Like if I dressed like Gwen from the "Simple Kind of Life" video. People would just think I was a pink haired bride or something.

After I wrote that blog yesterday about This tv's new kids' block I remembered that I wrote a review for that Dance Revolution show in my old myspace blog. I'll post it in my archives blog.

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