Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Outdated ID

I had to go to my old college and get somethings straightened out. The unorigination at the school is what made me want to leave besides that deranged reporter teacher.

Going back there after 5 year it looks so different. I was hoping not to run into my former deranged reporter teacher, and have something bad happen to me like she throws a newspaper at me.

The ID I had was made of wood and had a carving of me on it. Ok not really. But it was so old the worker at the desk didn't recognize it because it didn't have a school ID number on it. It's legit. Old, but legit.

Some things never change there is still that "cell phone" accessories tent in the quad. Now it sells skins instead of face plates.

On my way home I noticed most of those tax job are most likely filled. It's a good little gig though a person can work for about 3 months.

I tried some Nong Shim Beef and Ginger flavor bowl ramen and it was pretty hot.

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