Sunday, January 30, 2011

Emma Would Eat That

It seems my family can't agree on what to eat during the Super Bowl. I suggested peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because they fit in the theme of Glee since Emma eats those. Then I thought of 2 other things to make grilled cheese sandwiches (preferably with a religious figure on them). I could also serve Cheerios cereal, but I don't like the plain kind. I like the honey nut ones. That really sounds like a menu for a preschooler or something. I can have wine coolers too Puck got Quinn drunk on those (mentioned in Preggers)

I don't want to make anything too hard since I'm a bad cook.
I was also trying to go with some food that had to do with the different cities playing. I had lots of ideas for Green Bay, but I could not come up with a food for Pittsburgh. I was thinking cheese steak, but then I remembered that is Philly. I have a good idea for some neutral treats serve yellow colored things like candies, cookies and cupcakes. Both teams wear yellow.

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