Friday, January 14, 2011

Journey to Adulthood

I'm still very worried about dressing like an adult. I don't want to be one of those women who dress badly and get laughed at behind their backs. Maybe that is already happening by the way I dress now.

I'm getting rid of all my nerd culture clothes.

Over the years I've been a bad dresser ever since I can remember. Maybe when I was a baby I didn't dress badly. I went through many phases. Punky Brewster: pigtails and vests, Pacifier: I constantly wore one of those pink plastic pacifiers on a necklace, Kimberly the Pink Ranger: I wore pink clothes and brown boots, I wanted to dress like Gwen in this picture:
Here is an excerpt from a story I was working on for my memoir class that I didn't finish. It was about the way I dressed and other stylish girls in my grade.

"As a kid I hated the way I dressed. For a lot of years I dressed too childish. By third grade I had grown out of those frilly dresses with the matching white tights and white patent leather Mary Jane shoes. When I started school there because of the year round schedule it was still summer, so I had to get new summer clothes for school. My clothes were usually basic, but coordinated; whatever Sears had to offer in kids clothes. I couldn’t wait until I could wear the cool clothes in the juniors section. Those were the cool clothes the teenagers wore. I had all these wild printed shorts and coordinating tank tops. Some of the pairs of shorts were made to look like boxer shorts; they had a faux fly. The shorts were very garish with bright neon colors. One pair had fuchsia palm trees printed on them with a sunset scene"

I think my style guides will be the fictional characters Blair Waldorf and Emma Pillsbury. I love the way they dress, so polished.

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