Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poster Girl (includes cynicism Conan do not read)

I hate when people make a big deal when Freda Flunky gets an A in remedial math, but if somebody who is smarter gets a lower grade in harder class its shame on them! Shame! Shame! Wag the finger at them and then do the shame signal with the 2 fingers. That irks me SO much! Why is it so bad when somebody does something hard and fails or doesn't do as good of a job as something easy?

I was thinking am I the worst off from my graduation class from high school? Of the people who graduated and are still alive. Am I the poster girl for failure? Can my former teachers make an example of me? All the horrible things they said were going to happen like getting a crappy factory job? That really wouldn't be applicable anymore since there are really no factory jobs in the US anymore. There were not many 10 years ago, but there are less now. Maybe they were right all along. It's ok to do this if the person is an orphan from Michigan.

Why do people act like this everybody fails at something. No person is good at everything. Everybody has a weakness.

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