Monday, January 10, 2011

Go Shorty

I went to eat at the Home Town Buffet. There was some nasty pasta there. I don't like baked macaroni; I'm babyish like that. My dad wanted me to try some nasty looking pasta Florentine. It made school cafeteria pasta look good. There was also some really good ham, popcorn shrimp and Teriyaki chicken.

During the low carb craze when everybody was giving up pasta I was cool with it I really don't like pasta, but I like noodles.

The birthday loot:
new headphones
a Glee calender
a Pinky and the Brain shirt (I ♥ Pinky! Narf!)

The thing I'm wondering about the Glee calendar is why put Terri in it? That was a real stretch for a character to add. Terri was written out of the show in Mattress. She does pop up occasionally like in Funk and Britney/Brittany. But Britney/Brittany is from season 2. I think the calendar covers the first half of season 1. Too bad it doesn't have that "whole lot of middle" quote in it from the episode Journey. Why not add Santana, Brittany, or even Ken instead of Terri? Brittany has the best quotes. She is confused by recipes. It's funny because my mom always says that March has a bad picture. Finn is the character for March. I think Finn is not a bad choice unless a person is not a Finn fan. It's better than Terri.

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