Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Golden State of Mind

The alternate title was "Kickin' it in California". I might use that in the future. I'll leave that in the blog for future reference.

I ran into my friend today on the bus. It was strange because I was just talking about him on Saturday. He thought I moved out of state. I never left the state. I have done a good job on laying low like I wanted to. I can't just "appear" if I could I'd had magical powers or something. I guess my classes last semester didn't coincide with his. I would have liked to tell him about all those people in my memoir class. He did confirm that the anime he recommended was The Meloncoly of Haruhi Suzumiya. He asked about facebook. I really like to keep a low profile on there. I told him about how I don't want to be bombarded with reunion requests/invites. I have lamented about this situation in this blog. I think about 6 times. I did bump up me not going to my reunion to 95%. After thinking about it maybe I should raise it to 98%. He said he is not going.

It was like that time I was a freshman in high school and I had bronchitis. I was out for a week, and I don't know how it started. Somebody started a rumor that I had moved away.

I should take some advice from Hana and not deny or run from my past. Like she did in the J-drama I watched.

As I was walking to the bus stop I tripped on some gnarled tree roots and I turned my ankle. I limped to the bus stop it was about 14 feet away. I could make it. The thing I was most worried about was how my dad would react to it. My ankles are weak. I've turned them at least 7 times since I was 10. Never broke them though. It could be a culmination of old age, weight and weak ankles.

Shirley, my friend and I were all thinking about the same thing. Freaky! Or maybe it is great minds thinking alike?

After I thought about it I think I have the best 3 people in my mind to organize a 10 year high school reunion.

I noticed KTLA added a watermark to their Antenna TV subchannel.

I finished watching Prime Suspect, so I have much better note in case I need them. I have a really strong feeling I do.

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