Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vague and Inane

Tony is the first of the band members in No Doubt to have a girl baby. Coco? Conan you've got some competition. ;P Congrats to Tony and his family.

I can believe my dad thought my ankle would be healed already. I hurt it yesterday. Nothing is quick enough for my dad.

After thinking about what my friend told me yesterday, and how he thought I moved out of state even though I moved about 5 miles away. It came back to me after doing some research. It was my birthday, and birthdays always make me act a little weird. I remember reading his blog and it was so sad. I was feeling emotional and nostalgic because it was my 25th birthday. As I was reading his blog I was listening to the album "Bleed Like Me". I think I might have been a sugar high. That affects my writing. I sent him some vague/inane message on facebook. I wanted to quote his blog and I usually ask permission when I do that if the blog belongs to somebody I know in case the person wants a link or something.

I didn't really talk to him again until I thought I offended him by mentioning him in a blog reviewing the episode Today is the Day (part 1).

In The Office Andy's business seminar was really bad. Most of what he said can be learned in a basic business class. He is a horrible closer. He should have done a summary close or impending event. He did a mixture of closes. A salesperson should never threaten in a close.

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