Thursday, January 6, 2011

Late Night Folly

Way before the whole Jay and Conan thing NBC messed up in the Late Night realm by creating the show Late Friday. Does anybody remember it? Or not want to remember it? That was a train wreck of a show. The thing I remember about it was that it wasn't very funny, and that I hated the fact that it replaced Friday Night.

I went back to this store that sold plush Sailor Moon dolls to see if I still wanted one. I'm still trying to do a possession purge. I saw the dolls in October when I was shopping for my Halloween mask. There were also some wrong colored sailor moon cats. They were in colors like pink and green. I couldn't see if the cats had licensing marks because they were on a high shelf. I know the Sailor Moon doll has licensing marks because I checked the doll back when I saw it in October. After I saw the dolls and the cats I decided they would not fit into my life at the moment.

I did get something at that store. I found a maneki neko charm. It was $3.50.

There was some strange Glee merchandise. Glee socks? I am still not satisfied with the Glee diaries/note books I want to make my own glee diary/note book, and put the characters I want on it. I was thinking about BINKY the band from Arthur. They had strange merchandise like a bread maker, frozen turnips and a wheelbarrow. I'd eat Glee brand vegetables; especially peppers. I wouldn't buy a Glee bread maker, but I would buy a Glee slushy maker.

At Claire's I was looking at the Christmas discount section. I thought there is nothing wrong with buying discounted Christmas accessories. There was really nothing I wanted until I saw some nail polish that was originally $5 slashed to $1! I figured that even though they are Christmas colors (red & green) I could use them for something else. Nail polish is one of my favorite cosmetics. Personally I would not have paid full price for these.

Puck's hair bothers my dad; because he tells me people didn't wear their hair like that back then. WHUT? LOL! Puck is a fictional character!

The nail polish was ok. After I put it on it wore off. It's just a glittery tinted topcoat. I think it would look good over black nail polish.

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