Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Shirley!

Shirley Ann Manson was born on August, 26, 1966 to Mitchell and Muriel Manson in Edinburgh, Scotland…

Um…we already know that.

What have I been doing to celebrate? I’m wearing my hair in braids. Shirley braids. ^-^ I watched my “Absolute Garbage” DVD, ate some leftover cake and some Ferrero Rocher candy, and listened to Shirley music you know Garbage, solo stuff and Angelfish (not that listening to her music deviates from my normal daily activities). Oh yeah and I left her a birthday greeting on facebook. But I mentioned that I was working on it for a while.

Shirley even posted a note on facebook thanking the Noirings for all the birthday messages she received. I had a feeling she would do something like this. Shirley is not arrogant.

Also a birthday shout out to Adrian Young from No Doubt. Tomorrow it’s Tony’s birthday who is also from No Doubt. Ok now I have a mnemonic device for remembering my aunt’s birthday. It falls between Vince McMahon’s on August 24th and Shirley Manson and Adrian Young’s on the 26th. It’s like how my cousin gets mad because the only reason I remember his birthday is because him and Gwen Stefani’s fall on the same day and month, but not year. The only reason I remember one of my other cousin’s birthdays is because his falls on the same day and month and Tom Dumont’s from No Doubt, but it’s easy to remember Tom’s birthday since it’s the day before mine. I forgot if you are a fan or either Pat Benatar or Sal Mineo then you can remember my birthday since I share it with them (day and month only) :P
Here’s some Shirley fan art. I’ve posted this somewhere else before. I think this is one of my favorite pieces I’ve drawn. Someday I’d like to give it to her in person. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the brunette with the bun is suppose to be me. It’s a parody of this Tokyo Mew Mew picture.

Here is a bonus blog because I’m feeling generous.

Baseball is Fun

If you know I’ve been feeling a little down lately. Ok maybe a lot down. I just feel like there are all these mixed up feelings inside me and I don’t know how to get them out. I don’t know the repercussions if I do let them out.

I was invited to a baseball game yesterday. To celebrate my aunt’s birthday. That’s why I had posted my last blog so early in the day since I knew I wasn’t going to have time later.

I have to say something funny. I had wanted to go to a baseball game this year and I got to go. “Chaotic randomness” was bestowed upon me and I got to go to a game.

Since it was an Angel game and I haven’t been to one since the 90s. I think I’ve been to about between 3-5 games in total. Including the one I just went to. The only games I had been to were day games.

Here is a funny story that happened to me when I went to an Angel game when I was really little like 4 and I went with my dad. It was one of those surprise things he would like a little adventure if you will. Anyway he took me into the men’s bathroom because he had to go. There was a grasshopper in there, and all these grown men were freaking out about it. They were spraying it with like Binaca or something. It was really funny.

What is the best music to listen to when you are going to an Angel game? No Doubt anyone? I think it’s fun to listen to No Doubt while you are going down the freeways of Orange County California. But that it not the only or “purest” way to listen to No Doubt.

I was also afraid I was going to get lost in the park. Since I’m not very familiar with it. I can find my way around Dodger Stadium since I’ve been there so many times. While I was looking for something to eat I ended up walking around half the park. I started at about left field and ended up near home plate. :/ As I was wandering around the other side of the park looking for hot dogs and candy. I saw some kid that looked familiar. Then I noticed it was my cousin and his family. I wasn’t really paying attention at first since I was thinking about what I wanted to eat. I wanted something meaty or sweet.

I ended up going with sweet. I needed a nice sugar high to say awake. My baby cousin was there, and we were passing her off down the aisle. We wanted her to get on camera, but they didn’t show her. :(
Here is a picture I took from where I was sitting sorry if the quality is bad.

I noticed I picked up some of my baseball eating habits from my dad. He doesn’t really like to eat “meals”. He’s like a scavenger grazer or something. See? Not everything I write about him is negative.

I’ve also include my list of “baseball foods”
Cracker Jack/popcorn
Hot dogs
Ice cream with a wooden spoon (it‘s just not the same without it)
Some type of meat snack
Western Bacon cheeseburger (although I associate that more with Dodger games)
Candy (especially licorice)

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