Friday, August 28, 2009

The First Week

This is another blog about my reporter teacher. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed about this teacher are solely my own.

This is about my first week in her class.

I had gotten lost looking for the room because it was hidden away in a corner of the campus. I noticed a lot of the girls had their purses and backpacks with poorly sewn on patches. I don’t know why, but for some reason that really bothers me.

The first “crazy” thing I experienced in class was that the teacher wanted the book by the next class session. This is the old school way of thinking. My dad would say things like that. Like I should have the book by the first class session or the second. At that point I knew she thought about the old ways of college. A little piece of me died inside.

She also said you could use the copy at the library ,and make copies of it. I think the chapters were like 20+ pages. I wasn’t going to waste my money making copies of that.

She had also assigned the class to come back to the next class with a news item. The problem I had was that my parents told me that Kobe’s injury and fashion news (I think it was a worst dressed list) were not exactly news items.

The next class session (I had her class 3 days a week) I had listened to Kevin and Bean trying to see if I could find something, anything to report about.

The funny thing was that she accepted anything including sports and fashion news. My parents were SO WRONG. The only problem was that once somebody said something you couldn’t say the same thing. So 2 people could not report the Kobe injury story. The other problem was that she did this in the seating rows, so of course the first people she called on got their pick of the best stories. The first person reported the Kobe story. I foolishly and reluctantly held back my fashion story, and told the teacher something about neopets. Then she wanted us to write 10 news bits. That was a bit of a stretch. I wrote a summary of the Frasier episode of “The Ann Who Came to Dinner”, and about some news tidbits I heard on Kevin and Bean. I can’t believe she accepted what I wrote since she was so picky about the work she accepted.

The other thing that happened was that a lot of people didn’t get their books, so luckily she gave us until the next week to get them. The bookstore was also out of her packets, and you needed those for class.

For the next class meeting I was prepared with some news stories. In case I needed them. There was a story about a blizzard hitting the US. I could not really find any interesting. I was listening to everything on the radio trying to get some news stories for class. Most of the news that morning was about the Michael Jackson arraignment. (I know I said I would stop mentioning him, but this is relevant to the story)

The funny thing is that when I get to class. There is nothing to worry about. She’s not there! She got her husband to sub for her who was actually more interesting than her. Plus the class moved at a much faster pace than it did with her. For most of the class he talked about how much he liked books on tape, and how he would listen to them on his drive to and from work.

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