Friday, August 14, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #19

I’ve been stressing over what to write Shirley on her facebook wall for her birthday. I actually wrote something I’m satisfied with. But it’s a surprise. You’ll just have to wait until the 26th to read it.

To add it’s nothing cheesy or something that could be misconstrued as insulting like “Have a happy 43rd! You are aging well.” o_O That is what NOT to write to her.

Maybe I should celebrate her birthday in some way. Aside from what I did last year which was wear my hair in braids and listen to Garbage songs. I know maybe ummm… I can’t think of anything…yet. If you have any ideas you can post them in the comments section. No cake baking though.

The funny thing is that I was thinking about how I hadn’t left a comment for Shirley on facebook in a while. Then she posts a blog. Funny huh? According to what she wrote she was having problems with her facebook page with posting stuff. At least my RSS feed to her notes has been working recently. Here are her most recent notes: I'm in a Dancing Mood and If You Ever Get Famous Don't Forget About Me (I love the title of that one) ^-^ at least she doesn't use titles like "Miscellaneous blog" LOL! :P

I’m going forward with my plan. I had been having some second thoughts about it, but I decided that if I try it then I will truly make my decision. See? I’m not going by assumptions. Once I do what I’m planning to do then I’ll say what I did.

I actually made some fanart! Finally! I’ve been saying I wanted to, and haven’t really drawn anything in awhile. I was hoping to make some Winx Club fanart, but I ended up making some Tokyo Mew Mew fanart instead. Oh well. Fanart is fanart. I feel this will be a series of drawings. I’m making fan characters. Too bad I can’t find my drawings of Mew Cookie and Mew Aurora. Maybe I should redraw them too. I’m making 3 new fan characters not including Cookie and Aurora. I’ve only drawn one so far. When all 3 drawings are done I’ll put them up on the blog. They would probably be considered “scraps” if I put them up on deviantart. Especially since I can’t seem to draw legs properly.

I know the Kennedy fans who were in an outrage when he got released from the WWE are probably pissed at this “story”. I don’t know if this is actually true. It gives people a lot more reason to hate Cena even though he was injured by Kennedy. That was when he had his pectoral tear. The internet fans don’t really hate on Randy. I still think Kennedy is overrated I don’t see why people on the internet like him so much. I know they say Cena is overrated. I’m pretty sure if he was a reckless unsafe wrestler to work with Vince would’ve gotten rid of Cena years ago.

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