Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fan Art!

Ok enough about Halloween costumes for now.

Here is a blog showing some of my fan art. I felt this was not worthy of posting on deviantart.

I drew all of these in 2002 except for the Mew Cloudberry one. I drew that one earlier in the month. I decided I’d stop teasing this drawing.
Mew Cloudberry is one of my new Tokyo Mew Mew fan characters. I got the idea for her while I was watching the Dotch Cooking Show and a cloudberry was one of the fruits they mentioned in that episode. After that I looked up what a cloudberry was and where it was grown. It thought it would be fun to add an orange colored Mew. They have a bunch of other colors; Berry-white, Ichgo-pink, Ringo-red, Lettuce-green, Mint-blue, Zakuro-purple, Pudding-yellow. Also I didn’t want her name to be from a common food like Mew Carrot, Mew Orange, Mew Tangerine, or Mew Kumquat.

Character profile; Cloudberry is from the United Kingdom. Her animal is the red fox. Her weapon is the Cloudberry Sword and her attack is “Cloudberry Sword Parade!” I have another Tokyo Mew Mew fan character that I also made up who is from the UK. But I haven’t drawn her yet.
This is a parody of the album cover “Tragic Kingdom”. The joke among my friends was that I liked pikachu and Gwen Stefani so much why not combine them and make Pikagwen? Pikagwen is more pikachu than human. Sometimes Pikagwen has hair. It doesn’t really talk or sing either aside from saying “pika!” and stuff like that. I was bored one day in class at school so I drew this. It was hard to get the pose right since pikachu has a stocky body. I was going to draw other Pokemon in the background besides Togepi, but I never did. I think I was going to draw a Charmander, Squirtle, and a few others. That dotted circle in the background is not an orange it’s the moon.
This drawing was inspired by Casey. A character from Pokemon who loves baseball. If I remember correctly. I added Gwen to the drawing because I had a dream about Gwen playing baseball. Originally Gwen’s bat said “bat” on it. O_o One of my friends said it looks like Gwen is hitting pikachu with the bat. I forget why Gwen’s baseball uniform is red. I had a boring day at school that day, and I was working on the picture throughout the day.

This is a really old Powerpuff Girl style drawing of Shirley Manson. I drew this after I saw her perform during the “Beautifulgarbage” tour. This is a drawing of the outfit she wore at the show. I liked the Powerpuff Girls so much back then I use to draw everybody as a PPG.

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