Thursday, August 13, 2009

Millionaire Memories

My last few blogs have been a bit heavy. Now for something more lighthearted.

I’ve been watching the 10th anniversary episodes of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

I remember when I first started watching it back in 1999. That was when I first got my stuffed pikachu. We would watch the show together.

It’s not exactly the same as it use to be. Regis’ tie does not match his shirt. They also use the timer on the questions, have the categories, and a 4th lifeline. They should have kept it true to the old version. They don’t even use the 50/50 lifeline anymore. They use the double dip.

I thought about all the cultural impact of the show. Some people say it’s a reality show, but I don’t really think show. I think it’s more of a game show, and not really a reality competition/game show like Survivor. All the parodies, the clothes, the promotions. I really thought it was funny when Regis made a reference to his clothing line. Do they still make that? I remember back in like 2000 telling my dad to buy a Regis brand shirt for work. They use to have a nice display for them at the JC Penny’s. It had a large picture of Regis smiling and holding some cash. I liked when he made a reference to the clothing line on the anniversary show. Good job Regis! I also remember when they would have those ads to be on the show. They would have those big posters up in the McDonald's and have his picture on the bags.

I haven’t watched the show in years. To be honest I forgot when I stopped watching it. I’m only talking about the prime time version with Regis. Not the daytime version with Meredith Vieira. I don’t watch it. I don’t really care for her.

The celebrity question bores me. I wish they would have devoted more time to the non celebrity contestants.

To get into the mood I had to watch the show with my stuffed pikachu on the “old” tv I use to watch it on. Too bad I can’t watch it at the old house. Watching it made me nostalgic and sad.

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