Monday, August 24, 2009

Sexy Nostalgia Part 2

The title is a little misleading. I’m back talking about more of those sexy style nostalgic costumes.

This blog talks about Hello Kitty and the Care Bears.

First off is the Care Bears. I never knew you could make a Care Bear “sexy”. I guess anything can be made “sexy” if you try hard enough.

Ok I know the picture has 3 costumes in it. I’m going to address the one with the ruffly skirts first. These are knockoff costumes. I think they are suppose to be Cheer Bear and Bedtime Bear. The Pink one has a symbol that looks like a mix between Cheer Bear and Love-a-Lot, and the turquoise one looks like a mix between Bedtime and Wish Bear. The symbol on the pink one reminds me of a knockoff inflatable Care Bear I got at the county fair many years ago.

The Grumpy costume is official. It’s cute and a little more modest. Too bad they don’t have any Friend Bear costumes. That is my favorite bear.
There are some other cute official Care Bear costumes, but they are for babies/toddlers.
If I was going to dress as a Care Bear I’d want a costume like this. Modest and anonymous.

Hello Kitty what have they done to you!?
First is a “Hello Pretty” costume. I found this last year while I was looking for ideas on how to make my own Hello Kitty costume. Aside from the cat ears if I saw this I would not think you were dressed as Hello Kitty.
This other costume is a licensed Sanrio costume. I don’t see how this is Hello Kitty either even if it is official. It sort of reminds me of those old smock costumes with the pictures of the character on it.
Personally when I think of Hello kitty I think of her in those overalls.
I designed a sexy Hello Kitty costume too, but it’s an overalls version.

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