Saturday, August 1, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #17

Ok I’m here with another miscellaneous blog.

I took a trip to the 99 Cents store and I saw these big hair clips and they made me think of Gwen. I tried a new kind of ramen called Panda Noodles. They were ok for being only 17 cents. I hope to buy another bag to review them.

I changed the layout of my twitter page. Since it’s August. I was getting bored with that picture of Tare Panda. Do you like my new background picture?

I should really change my myspace layout too. I think it looks “too scene” or something. At first I liked it, but now I realized it’s not my style. I’m thinking bold colors this time.

August just crept up on me. I’d better start planning out my Halloween costume now. I only have about 2 months. I still can’t decide what to be or what kind of costume will fit into my budget.

This also means that American football season is starting soon.

I’m working on writing a birthday message for Shirley on her facebook wall. The problem I’m having is that I don’t want to write something too cheesy, inane, or cliché.

But it’s not just Shirley’s birthday in August. It’s also fellow Garbage member Butch Vig’s birthday, and Adrian Young and Tony Kanal’s from No Doubt.

Did you know that the month that the most babies are born in is August? The day of the week with the most births is Tuesday. I was born on a Tuesday, but not in August.

I cut my hair again. It’s been too hot, and I needed a change. Too bad I cut too much off again. I hope it grows back by November. I think all the faded red is gone now. When did I dye my hair red? Back in late January? Maybe if I keep listening to song “Bleed Like Me” it’ll make my hair grow.

I realized why I like those frozen hamburgers from the Dollar Tree they taste like those bland school hamburgers I liked so much. I have no idea why I like those bland school hamburgers. A lot of people hated those. The funny thing was that every school I ever went to the hamburgers always tasted the same.

I got a few blogs cooking, so I have a lot of material now. It just needs to be posted.

Remember be bold, but not imprudent.

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