Sunday, August 9, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #18

Last week I was looking for a John Cena Summerslam cup at 7-11. On Monday I went, and they didn’t have any. I ended up going to the McDonalds instead. I bought some $1 chicken Mc Nuggets. They make me think of Cena since he mentioned them on 5 Questions a long time ago. I wonder if he still eats them.

I went to 3 different 7-11’s on Tuesday. I found a lot of Edge cups. Edge fangirls where are you!? Apparently none of them live in my area. Perhaps people aren’t buying the Edge cups because he is injured? I noticed a few Undertaker cups as well. Maybe people aren’t buying the Undertaker ones because he’s hasn’t been on tv recently either? At the 3 stores I went to all of the Cena cups were gone. For him being so unpopular this still perplexes me. Maybe all the little kid Cena fans begged their parents to buy them Cena cups? Here is the ratio I saw from most to least Edge, Undertaker, Triple H, Kelly Kelly, Cena.

The 4th store I went to (the one I live nearby) They had a whole bunch of Cena cups. The cups are huge! I think they are like 40 oz. They are the Super Big Gulp size. I was happy that the local 7-11 sells Orange Bang. Too bad it’s not frothy. I was drinking that drink on and off all day, and I bought it at like 11 AM.

I tried some fake scallops. Well I didn’t know they were fake at first. The box was improperly labeled. The box said breaded scallops, but when I ate them they didn’t taste like scallops. They tasted like something else. They tried to hide the fact that they were fake by breading them. Until some of the breading fell off and the “scallop” inside was curly like a snail. When I read the back of the back of the packaging it said “Surimi”. After I unraveled the “scallops”, and ate them. I looked up what “Surimi” is. It’s fake fish meat. It’s also used in imitation crab meat or “krab”. I don’t feel too bad since I only paid $1 for them.

I also picked up some more Panda Noodles and a review blog will be up shortly.

I’m ready for a change. A big change; not just something like cutting my hair. A positive change. I don’t know if it will be bold or foolish. Or a little of both or neither. When I’m feeling riled up or emotional about something I do this. Remember that time I joined the anime club?

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