Sunday, August 30, 2009

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I took the day off yesterday. It was hot yesterday and today. I was feeling lethargic again. Plus I ate too much for it being a hot day, and I didn’t feel good for a little while. I’ve been furiously posting a plethora of blog posts. This is my 25th one of the month.

I’ve been thinking should I post more blogs? Am I not posting enough? This is a quality vs. quantity issue. I don’t want to post 150 blogs a month if they are really not saying anything. Of course I deem what is relevant to be posted or not. I don’t just want to blog things like “OMG!!!!!111 I just ate a cookie!!!!!! ^-^”. That’s what Twitter is for and formerly myspace bulletins.

So there have been a few more celebrity deaths. This isn’t a celebrity death blog, so I’m not covering like every single death. If you want that you’ll have to find it in another blog or something, sorry. I hate to turn down readers.

Ok let’s start off with Ted Kennedy. I know I didn’t cover his death because I was too busy writing about Shirley’s birthday. He died on Tuesday. I didn’t really know about this since I was off at the baseball game and they didn’t announce it or anything. I don’t want my commentary to go into a political nature, but I think the Kennedys are an interesting family. I’ve written a few reports about them in school. I have mostly written about JFK. I read his book in 8th grade for a book report. I had to pick an old president the school’s library was so outdated.

Oh yeah and DJ AM. Well he sort of cheated death there last year. I don’t know much about him besides he dated Nicole Richie for a while. This is funny I was telling my dad about DJ AM’s death and he thought I said Travis Barker died. :/

I’m dubbing this summer “The Summer of celebrity deaths”. Let’s see who else dies before the fall equinox. Which is on September 22, 2009. No predictions from me this time.

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