Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Candy!...Sort of

I’m in love with the song “13x Forever“. That is a great song. You should listen to it if you already haven’t.

Ok so I came up with an idea for what to do at home to celebrate Shirley’s birthday. I think I’ll eat some Ferrero Rocher candy. I got the idea when I saw some were on sale at the store and it made me think of my favorite part of the Absolute Garbage DVD when Shirley was showing all the food that Butch got for her. I wonder if she still eats that type of candy? I also got the idea because usually for Gwen’s birthday I usually have something cake-y you know like a pastry or a cupcake or something.

I want to know does anybody else do something like this? It doesn't just have to be for Shirley or Gwen, but any celebrity?

Forgot to mention Shirley posted a note on facebook. Through a Looking Glass, Astonished. I always thought she has a cute face. I love her doe eyes.

A few days ago I was watching The Melancholy of Sazumiya Haruhi episode Misterique Sign. It’s funny because she skewed her data of her visitor counter when she kept looking at the home page. She sort of reminded me of myself when she did that. Like when I thought I was getting a lot of hits to my page, but most of the hits were me checking on the page. I like this series, but don’t worry I won’t yell “Moe!”.

You know what I really want to do? Record an album. Don’t worry I’m not going to sing or play an instrument. I want to make a comedy album. You know like a standup album. I have a great title for it too. But it’s secret. I don’t want anybody else copying my title. I even have the cover art all thought out and everything.

You know what show I’m really into right now. Mister Ed. I don’t why I really enjoy that show so much. I think I’m just a sucker for shows and movies with talking animals. You can laugh at me.

I need help with something I need to know what other type of doll shoes can fit a Mattel Winx Club doll. There are many fashion doll shoe guides on the net, but none of them mention Winx Club dolls. Does anybody know if the shoes for the My Little Pony Megan dolls will fit a 5 ½ inch Moondreamer doll?

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