Friday, July 24, 2009

Red in the Face

So, No Doubt is doing some local shows this weekend concerts and I’m not going. :(

I’m not worried. I’m not even blue in the face.

Of course I am a little upset. Who wouldn’t be? I mean if you are a No Doubt fan who isn’t going. I don’t feel desperation and despair like I felt back when I was a foolish 7th grader.

I did try this week to win No Doubt tickets from KROQ, but I didn’t. My dad wanted me to win the grand prize to Hawaii, but I didn’t really care about that prize. That didn’t mean I didn’t want to win it. I would have been happy just winning the lower tier prize which was tickets to see them at a local show.

This blog isn’t all about No Doubt although I should dedicate a blog to them soon. A few days ago I had a beauty/grooming mishap and I got a red mark on my face. It’s not a pimple though. I’m so embarrassed! >.< I came up with a new parody song today. It’s not quite finished I’m not going to say which song I parodied or what it’s about. If I complete it then I’ll post it.

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