Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Candy Pants

I saw a segment on the news about saving money for Halloween. Most of the stuff they said is the same stuff I say like buy only accessories to make a costume with regular clothes like buying devil accessories to go with red clothes. To buy Halloween things at the dollar store. One of the things they said was really stupid. They said to buy you candy on Halloween day, and to get any kind. According to them the kids don’t care about the candy. Huh?! When did kids not care about candy on Halloween? Kids always complain about what they get. Especially if the candy is not name brand. I hated getting cheap candy. Like those strawberry candies or Tomy candy. They said it didn’t matter if you didn’t even like the candy you bought. I might buy candy I don’t like if I knew somebody else I knew liked it. I don’t like Butterfingers, but I would buy a bag of them and give them to my dad. So if it was leftover I could give it to him. I want good leftover candy I would eat.

I wasn’t that picky as a kid about what I got. I didn’t care if I got things that weren’t candy like chips, pretzels, toys or pencils. I don’t like that ginger candy that comes in the red packaging. I’d get that a lot when I lived in a Chinese neighborhood. I remember one year my cousins Trick or Treated in my neighborhood and also complained about getting the ginger candy.

I remember when I was in 6th grade I wanted to pawn off my “bad” candy aka the candy I didn’t want. Two girls didn’t want the candy then they ganged up on me and poured the candy down my pants *shakes fist at them* They did it by the classroom door; the teacher came to the class and complained that there was a bunch of discarded candy by the door.

I was thinking about what happened to Dan in Gossip Girl by upsetting a lot of the people he knows by basing characters off them. I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

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