Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Kutter

I have some screen caps from the old pumpkin kutter commercial. Which is also circa 1988. I begged my parents to buy me one. That thing didn't work. A kitchen knife cut better than that thing. Even if it was for children to use. As the commercial says: "It's great for kids' because it doesn't have any sharp edges." And it rusted few years later. Here is a link to an older version of the commercial. It appears to be from the early to mid 80s. I don't recall seeing it on tv back in the day. Last year I posted screen caps from the Pumpkin Light commercial.

The Price is Right had a funny 1970s theme episode. Drew had a "porn stache" and he was wearing platform shoes. Was that a nod at the show being brought back in the 1970s? At least they used some old music ques. All the audiences' and I guess cast members' costumes were provided by Party City. It would have been funny if Drew had worn one of those old 70s style suits Bob wore with the wide lapels. (which was the style at the time) At least there was not a tank top incident. I wonder what an 80s themed show would look like? I would hope the models wouldn't wear like tutus or something like that. It would be really funny if they wore pantsuits with really big shoulder pads.

I didn't do much this year and I didn't get to put my 90s girl costume to good use. Oh well.

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