Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm just a Sucker with no Self Esteem

Emma’s parents reminded me of my blond obsessed grandma. Preserving the red. Parental stress can drive any child to a “quirk”. I know when my dad pissed me off I do my quirk. It reminded me of this old self esteem quiz that I read in a magazine back when I was in high school that said you had low self esteem if you are embarrassed of your parents. Stupid magazine quiz! Look at this girl she exudes self esteem!

I'm not embarrassed of both my parents; just my dad. Although he has given me a wealth of materiel to write about.

Redheads will be extinct soon, so will the white blond haired blue eyed male. My dad is an endangered species. This is true I saw it on a reputable news program. Maybe I should put him on exhibit like in that Twilight Zone episode.

What Kurt told Rachel was a variation of the “whole lot of middle” speech. I still hope this isn't a Kurt-centric season like the last one was. He's been the focus in 2 of the 3 season 3 episodes. There were a few other references to season 1. Like the Asian vampires.

Giving Mike Chang some character development was nice.

I guess the new plotline will be dueling glee clubs within the same school? That's what it looked like in the previews.

As I was watching that show on prohibition in the US I was thinking "I'm glad I don't have to take notes on this right now". Too bad that is one of the non-marketable skills I'm good at.

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