Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Your worst inhibition's tend to psych you out in the end

The title is from the Psych theme song, but the entry has nothing to do with Psych.

I had a job interview today, or so I thought.

I thought about all the bad job interviews I've done. Mistakes on my resume, not agreeing to relocate, not sucking up to my potential boss who obliviously wasn't paying attention to me and casually taking with other workers, not letting my potential employer keep my food handler card, not knowing what to do when children are running loose in a store, I gave a landline phone number, and I was really truly busy.

I could be the poster girl for bad interviews.

When I get there the person who is supposed to interview me is not there! Why scheule an interview with me and not even be there!? What the FUCKING BLOODY HELL!????

This one won't count since there actually never was one to begin with.

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