Saturday, October 8, 2011

Commitment to Lack of Technology Skills

Al Davis died and of course my dad was sad about it. I think my dad wanted me to leave the house for some reason. Possible for him to mourn?

He writes in "OAKLAND RAIDERS", just like that in all caps. Not "Al Davis death" or anything like that. As I sit there looking at what he put into Google I'm thinking "your lack of skills amazes me" He doesn't even know about the news tab in firefox. @.@ The one at the top of the page when you search. Or that the news section can be divided into categories; like sports. He still doesn't bother to read a whole website and just reads the summary. He still has trouble with double clicking.

And he had to watch all the different tributes on the different channels. I think I saw the CBS2/KCAL9 one at least 3 times. I could practically say it verbatim.

He wants to check my resume again! Why? I'm satisfied with it. At least it better than when he was just take copies of my resume to random people to evaluate it without me being there, or telling the person before they evaluate it that I have no work experience. Then he'll bring it back to me with something like "INCLUDE ALL WORK HISTORY!!!!!!!!!" written on it. What work history?

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