Friday, March 4, 2011

The Hard Part

First off the I found the job posting on craigslist. So I replied to it because it seemed like something I could do and didn't require a lot of experience. I was a little skeptical since the location was pretty vague.

I get an email reply with an attachment that is the application. It said to write what position I wanted on the top. I wasn't sure, so I just wrote something that was not manager.

I could not find directions to this place. When I did find it the place is in a strip mall that is being refurbished.

Me submitting the application ties into the sandwich story. But how it ties in is not really worth posting.

I got a call about my application. Asking about the lack of work experience. It was really hard to hear the person calling me because I don't know where they were, but I could hear a lot of clanging. They tell me that I wrote the hardest position on the application how was I supposed to know? When I went back to check the listing on Thursday it was already gone.

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