Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Schadenfreude

Now on to some fluff/inane things.

I found a site that rates some of my old high school teachers. LOL! I found this website by accident. Some of them got mixed reviews. Then I was wondering were they really good teachers or were other people just saying they were good? Or was this the best the district could rope in? They weren’t all bad just the ones I read mixed reviews about.

I got my jollies on by reading a blog by one of my former teachers. It was my schadenfreude. The funny thing about this blog is that it claims to be original writings, but a lot of it is just quotes and stuff. I’m not saying quoting or referencing is bad it just seemed to be a large portion of the blog. They also have a twitter account, but I don’t think it’s as funny as the blog. Their twitter feed was quite bland. After reading their online thoughts I was thinking how could incorporate this teacher in my manga? They have or had a very distinct look; including a signature hair cut. Once I got in trouble for drawing a cartoon of this teacher for a project for my French class. (it wasn‘t my French teacher) Personality wise this teacher would be like a Sue Sylvester type. (I‘m not going to link the blog or twitter page)

I've been trying to find a good chibi pose to reference. I want one that looks meek.

I was sort of hopeful that I got a call back from some job the only problem is that yesterday I missed the call by accident. Maybe those noise canceling headphones are really better than I thought they were. My mom got mad because I spent a lot of time researching the company. I need to be sure. Anyway they call like at 4 something PM. When I try to call back the next day it’s closed for the weekend and the phone lines are open on Monday.

I’m upset because my academic renewal was not approved. :’( I have no idea what to do maybe I can meet up with a school counselor or something and see what they say after this happened.

It’s the time change, and I totally forgot.

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