Monday, March 7, 2011

Miscellaneous blog #41

I finished a rough draft my manga based on my life. I only make a 4 panel strip to start. I was thinking about starting with 3rd or 4th grade, but maybe I'll start earlier like 5 but there will only be a few stories from that era.

I think some of the phrases Sheen is saying are hilarious! I love the "Winning!" one. I'm going to use that. I wonder if that will end up on the banned word list at the end of the year? Unless it is used in context ex: "The Clippers are on a winning streak." or "The Angels need to keep winning to make it to the World Series."

I was thinking is there a popular song written about boobs? There are booty songs like "Baby Got Back". There is "Legs" by ZZTop.

Lent is coming up and I hate being lectured by people who think everybody observes it, and get mad somebody who is eating beef on a Friday. I do enjoy the seafood specials and availability of the "sea meats" like shrimp.

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