Monday, March 14, 2011

With my Mind on my Money and my Money on my Mind

This is the best title I could come up with. Did I reference Snoop Dogg in this blog before?

My dad is only interested in what I'm doing because he thinks it will be beneficial to him. This is covered in the rant blog.

The job search wasn't as much of a headache as I thought it would be. But there were some problems. The place doesn't open until 9AM, and they don't answer their phones until then. When I call they want me to go in for an interview. I ask where the place is located, and I just get the city. Very helpful! A person can't find a place without an address.

When I get to the place the door is locked it seemed like somebody didn't want people coming in

The place looks like a startup. When I walk in I see one person manning the website and the phone at the same time. The voice was the same this was the same person I talked to in the morning and called on Friday afternoon. The place is pretty baron save for a few computers and the warehouse with the stuff they ship. It is severely understaffed. I counted 5 people there including the person manning the website.

The guy conducting the interview had no idea what he was doing. He was just showing me the place. Then I got an application it was the sparsest application I ever filled out. It looked like something somebody typed out in a rush and forgot to add essential sections. As I'm filling it out the guy says he forgot to put a section for skills.

When he is interviewing me he just starts talking to the other workers. He wasn't giving instructions it was just small talk. I found that highly unprofessional. For it being a place for shipping things the workers were working pretty slowly.

When the interview is over and I'm almost ready to leave they guy tells me he for got to ask me to put my phone number on the application. There was not a section on the application for that.

I like the laid back attitude. Who knows this place might be like Kruger Industrial Smoothing.

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