Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's Call the Easter Bunny!

I was online looking for a very specific commercial I'm looking for a 1-900 or 976 number to call the Easter Bunny and it's not the ones on youtube I saw those and none of those are the one. I'll say it aired somewhere between 86-88. It had a very effective jingle; and had the words "party", "bunny" and "fun" in the jingle. My mom recalls a cheeky girl in the commercial saying that if the kids didn't ask permission they'd get a spanking. Apparently somebody else is looking for that commercial too. (Read the comments. The commercial with the bunny painting is not the one!) I really want to find it because I called that number.

I think my nails are too long. I got one of them caught in the keyboard.

I went to the mall.

There was Glee nail polish, but none of the colors appealed to me. Strangely there was no McKinley High or Cheerios red.

They upped the amount of the Sanrio service card now it is $5 instead of $1. It'll take me forever to fill one out! I bet the prizes are still worth the same. It went from $50 to $250! I remember the old cards that were 35 spaces or $35.

There was some ok Easter candy at the candy store, but it was fresher than the stuff that's been sitting there for months. Sometimes I poke the candy with the tongs or scooper to see if it's fresh. A few months ago I bought some stale watermelon jellies.

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