Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fondue for Cats!

Glee was somewhat predictable. I saw Sam's plotline a mile away in that episode. I didn't think they would do a Fleetwood Mac episode.

That reminds me of a funny story about my parents. Before I was born my aunt came to visit my parents, and she wanted to hear some Fleetwood Mac, but my dad said they didn't have any because my mom doesn't like them.

Brittany's cat Lord Tubbington is really cute! And really obese. I liked when she interviewed her cat after Santana bailed on her. When she asked her cat if The Aristocats is an exact replica of a feline relationship. I wondered is this the cat she thinks is reading her diary? Or is that another pet cat she has.

KNBC had finally debut the California non stop channel. I hope it's better than that sorry excuse of a news program called News Raw. It took them long enough to launch the channel. It was proposed in December or January. Now I kinda miss the satellite radar pictures; just a little.

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