Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Staged Kiss

It was funny when Finn mispronounced the word "nicoise"; more funny if you know that Cory is from Canada. Rachel is funny when she says she wants her picture on the wall of the restaurant. The joke about Rachel buying Cats tickets was dumb. Rachel should know the show hasn't been on Broadway for awhile. Even I know that! I think it would have been funny if it would have been Brittany or Puck who bought the fake tickets.

Rachel had a very That Girl esque outfit. It sort of reminded me of the outfit Muffy wears in the Arthur cartoon Muffy goes Metropolitan.

I kinda saw the ending coming a mile away. The way the season was set up in the beginning. First they mentioned where nationals was being held. They even sang about it in the season 2 premiere. They breeze through sectionals and regionals. Plus Vocal Adeline is not their immediate competition anymore. If they would have won it all the way there would have been no goal for next season.

Last season was written in a way that if the show was not popular, and then got cancelled after 13 episodes the story lines would pretty much be resolved. Quinn's pregnancy would have been one that would have not been resolved.

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