Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What'd you do? Cut this out of a Magazine or Something?

The Glee prom episode was strange. Somebody older must have thought about their prom since it was only for juniors and didn't include a meal.

Why are people surprised that Jesse got kicked out of college so quickly? I know I knew when I was going to get kicked out especially when a person doesn't have the grades.

Nobody can get prom dresses for $5 even if they are used. The cheapest is probably between $20-30. If the glee club is so hated then why didn't the other students mind when they performed at the prom? Was Sue the only chaperone? Why do people act like it's a bad thing if you stag? Brittany is sometimes smarter than she seems when she tells Santana that the crown is just from a party store.

Watching the Glee prom episode made me think of the junior/senior proms I went to in my junior and senior year.

junior prom: There was some intervention from my mom and my cousin from getting me from wearing something too outrageous, saw a girl in a Jennifer Lopez knockoff dress, I wasn't really going for a 50s look but it looked like I was, I had to get an emergency cardigan because I didn't have a wrap, There were other outrageous outfits like a Mickey Mouse dress and somebody who wore costume wings.

senior prom: A lot of people made fun of my 80s inspired outfit (I really wanted a 40s inspired one), Some people weren't even dressed that fancy (mostly boys) There was live music, some girl was wearing outrageous eye makeup that rivaled that of Scary Sheri, The bathroom was really fancy, they served shrimp, they also served lamb, my friend's boyfriend ended up on the list of nominees for prom king but his girlfriend didn't, as a joke to my economics teacher (who was a Seinfeld fan) I danced the Elaine.

Each of my proms should get their own blog entry.

I was thinking of using an idea I got from watching an episode of The Monkees. Specifically the episode "The Picture Frame" where Micky gives a picture of himself as a baby to a fake movie director. I was thinking of doing something similar. I think I'll use my senior high school picture. Who would hire a baby!? Or maybe I should go and find a picture of a hot brunette and try to pass it off as myself. I just have to make sure it's not a picture of a celebrity.

I decided to be like George Costanza in "The Bizarro Jerry" episode, and take a picture from a magazine. It’s not like I need to cut it out. I just need to scan it. It just needs to be a good looking brunette female.

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